Mindful Speech

Avoid saying something you don't mean!

Tip Description

We've all been there, that moment after we hit send on an email or text message where we say something we regret.

Or how our speech can be lazy when we talk to people we love. Using words we don't mean. Words like "Never" "Stop" "Hate" or even "Now".

So use this tip to help you stay out of hot water or be more mindful in your speech!

How it works

  1. Go the settings area of your MAC or PC
  2. Find "Keyboard"
  3. Select "Text"
  4. Now in the "Replace" Section use the word you want to be more cautious of, start with "busy" everyone knows you're busy, so start trying to avoid that word.
  5. Next in the "With" column type out the hint, you want to see. For me instead of busy, I want to get a dialog helper with "Everyone is busy, instead focus on what you have been doing."
Action Tip
#mindfulness, #relationships, #digitalwellbeing

Tip Example

Avoid saying something you don't mean!